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Tax Planning

Think ahead...
otherwise expect the worst.

Although taxes are inevitable (as inevitable as death, some say), the right outlook can bring substantial savings in the amount of your tax obligations, as well as defer the time the payment has to be made. Therefore, when undertaking any economic activity, or even making other more personal decisions, you should weigh your tax consequences, in order to choose the best alternative.

In Asesoría Lavin we specifically analyse your personal and tax situation in order to:
  • Learn to measure the incidence of taxes in different situations. For example, what is the relevant personal income tax rate for a specific person?
  • Learn to choose the alternative which will enable you to maximize the results of an activity, after tax.
  • Know how to choose the right time to pay your taxes.

Although the planning activity means incurring into additional costs, we carry out a prior study of your situation so that from the planning process the expected value benefit always exceeds the costs generated.
Therefore, we will advise you in choosing the appropriate company set up, or labour structure, we ultimately carry out an integrated monitoring of your tax interests, always observing the current tax legislation.

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